Mike Wolf

The Painter

A portraiture painter, Mike’s artwork explores the guarded side of human nature. His intent is to explore this side of himself as well as that of his subjects. He believes that behind our facades is a deeper and sometimes darker story. His use of strong, often overpowering, shadows invites us to explore the hidden feelings of his subjects. Wolf challenges us to address these unseen truths; asking the viewer to dwell on those feelings and beliefs that lurk just below the surface.

Mike’s points of reference for his paintings are from actual photo sessions he conducts of his chosen subjects. He connects with the people in his work in his own way…"it's my subjects that bring my pieces to life. I hope to tell their true story through subtleties sometimes passed over at a first glance. Most importantly, I feel that the finished piece has a new, living entity; it has a ‘life force’ of its own.”

The Curator

In 2011, along with my two partners, I co-founded an Emerging Artists Events company, Conception Events. We invisioned a platform for emerging artists looking to kick start their career. In the years since our inception we have produced several art shows in New York City, Long Island City, Philadelphia, and Liverpool.

Additionally, we opened our gallery, Conception Gallery, in Long Island City in October of 2014. Our debut exhibition, 'BRINK', received tremendous media coverage.

My Other Day Job

I have a bachelors of Fine Arts from VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University). I have been working as a graphic designer over the past 15 years. Currently I am working at Fitch Ratings In New York City as a Senior Graphic Designer , Marketing.


Conception Events

Conception was founded in 2011 in New York City. The concept of two artists, Rachel Wilkins and Mike Wolf. As emerging artists themselves they began to see the stumbling blocks and lack of resources available to creative people who were starting out their careers. Conception has since branched out to include Conception Campus; giving artists workshops, seminars, and online materials to help further their careers.


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