Art Shows

Conception Art Fair Miami

December 4-7, 2014

Chris RWK · Irrix Screen · Gumshoe · Eddie Rehm · Rodrigo Valles · Whisbe · Michael Hurt
John "Westgard" Wesbay · Lexxi Bella · Messiah Joshua · Alison Evans
Fumero · Rachel Wilkins-Blum · Mike Wolf



BRINK An exploration of the point of onset.
Conception Gallery in collaboration with The Falchi building presents ‘BRINK’. A collaborative collection of works that reflect the threshold, a crucial or critical point at which survival or despair occurs.

Colleen Blackard · Angela China · Mark Elfman · Sunil Garg · Martine Gaudissart · Stephen Hall · Sarah Anna Hansen · Michael Hurt · Ken Husband · Allyson King · John Kolbek · Andrea McKenna · Jermaine Ollivierre · Optimo NYC · Lorraine Parker · Rob Plater · Ka-Son Reeves · Eddie Rehm · Chris RWK · Rachel Wilkins-Blum · Mike Wolf

“#SELLOUT” at Reverse Gallery, Brooklyn, NY,

January 10-15, 2014

This week-long art event helped 4 national brands access the badass consumers they want most by showcasing the talents of 16 New York artists to capitalize on the mutual need for exposure. #SELLOUT BK redefined selling art and brands with an artist showcase inspired by the brands with open access and refreshments for the public, all free of charge. #SELLOUT BK fratured a live feed of all social media posts on the wall, artists who received 100% of their sales and tons of surprise live art-experiences at the show.

Steve Wasterval · Charlie Skala · Cain · Re-Baroque · Nicasio Fernandez · Julie Van Such · Joey Kilrain · Rodrigo Valles · Erica Sellers · James Rivas · Rachel Cohen · Giovanna Diamente · Hanniel Levenson · Fernando Eguchi · Jeremy Silberberg · Mike Wolf

My Other Day Job

I have a bachelors of Fine Arts from VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University). I have been working as a graphic designer over the past 15 years. Currently I am working at Fitch Ratings In New York City as a Senior Graphic Designer , Marketing.

Conception Events

Conception was founded in 2011 in New York City. The concept of two artists, Rachel Wilkins and Mike Wolf. As emerging artists themselves they began to see the stumbling blocks and lack of resources available to creative people who were starting out their careers. Conception has since branched out to include Conception Campus; giving artists workshops, seminars, and online materials to help further their careers.

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